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Mustee manufactures a wide variety of products ranging from mop sinks to shower stalls. To this day, Mustee offers a great assortment of useful products like shower floors, walls, bathtubs, laundry tubs and laundry sinks that can be installed in homes and businesses alike.
Mop Sinks Laundry Tubs
Rugged, “industrial-grade” and perfectly functional…the Mustee line of Mop Service Basins will deliver years of dependable service.
There’s really no other way to describe it. Mustee’s line of rugged duty UTILATUB® and UTILATWIN® Laundry/Utility Tubs are legendary for quality, performance and features
Laundry Sinks Shower Walls
Mustee's premier "all-purpose" laundry/utility sinks combine fashion with function throughout the home, including your laundry/utility room, entertainment center, hobby/work room, etc.
DURAWALL® Shower Walls deliver the best in innovative design features, quality construction and premium finishes. Whether you are planning new construction or just want to give an existing bathroom a fresh look, DURAWALL® Shower Walls are the best choice.
Shower Floors Enclosures
Attractive DURABASE® lets you extend the wall design of your bathroom into the shower area. The combination of a DURABASE® shower floor and tiled or other shower walls increases your total shower area by 15 to 25 percent from like-size modular showers.
Mustee’s STYLEMATE® Shower enclosure line offers you distinctive designs in By Pass, Neo-Angle, Pivot and Corner Entry styles.
Easy Access Showers Safety Grab Bars
Roll-in shower access has never been easier than with the ADA-compliant Model 3865 Barrier-free shower floor. Featuring an expansive 65 inches of inside width, this shower floor will easily accommodate a full 36 in. wheelchair turning radius.
Produced from high grade 18 gauge stainless steel tubing, then finished to a handsome, smooth satin finish. Strong, sturdy CareGiver® straight or angled Grab Bars are available in all popular sizes.
Shower Stalls Bathtubs
Full-featured, sturdy, quality-built and handsomely finished, Mustee DURASTALL® is a complete shower stall in one package that assembles easily and looks great no matter where installed.
Mustee TOPAZ™ bathtubs are designed with an innovative structure that completely supports the undersides of the bathtub creating integral strength and stability unequalled in the industry.
Bathtub Walls Fold Down Shower Seats
Premium fiberglass and thermoplastic bathtub walls from Mustee. Mustee bathtub walls will fit any standard 30" x 60" bathtub.
When the convenience and comfort of a strong, sturdy shower seat is needed, you can count on Mustee to deliver the best. Mustee CareGiver® line of wall-mounted and leg supported fold-down seats are available in two popular L-Shaped and Rectangular styles.
Installation Manuals Washer/Water Heater Pans
Mustee Installation Manuals
It only takes a few moments for a leaking clothes washer or water heater to cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home and its furnishings. The best solution is Mustee DURAPAN™ protection under washers or water heaters.