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Toilet Parts by Brand

  • American Standard

    Genuine replacement American Standard toilet repair parts. Find new flush valve, ballcocks, flappers and more with our easy American Standard tank reference chart.
  • Briggs / Case

    We carry a cast selection of Case toilet parts. All Case toilet parts including the popular 5150 62-8 Ballcock Unit are now manufactured by Briggs. We also carry Briggs toilet repair parts as well.
  • Eljer

    Eljer Toilet Parts

    Known for ease of use and installation, Eljer is the perfect brand if you are new to replacing the parts on your toilet. Eljer toilet replacement parts are quality, durable pieces of equipment that will not break the bank. Regardless of what toilet you are trying to replace parts for, we have old Eljer toilet tank parts as well as newer Eljer toilet repair parts to fit any needs you may have.

    Our extensive product selection means Chicago Faucet Shoppe can be your go-to for all your toilet replacement part essentials from Eljer. Whether you need an Eljer flush valve, an Eljer trip lever or an Eljer flapper, Chicago Faucet Shoppe has the expertise, the customer service and the unbeatable prices to make sure replacing the parts on your toilet will be as easy, quick and long-lasting as possible, keeping your toilet working perfectly for years to come.

  • Gerber

    Find genuine replacement Gerber toilet parts. Brand new Gerber flappers, fill valves, trip levers and gaskets are sure to fix your broken toilet.
  • Kohler

    Genuine Kohler Toilet Repair Parts, Ballcocks, Flush Valves, Flappers and Trip Levers
  • Mansfield

    Mansfield toilet pats. Genuine replacement fill valves, flush valves, flappers, gaskets and trip levers.
  • PF/2 by Geberit

    Genuine replacement toilet parts for PF/2 flush valves by Geberit. The PF/2 pressure assist toilet valve is often found in many Sloan, Kohler, Gerber and American Standard toilets.
  • Sloan

    Find new Sloan replacement parts to fix your urinal or water closet flushometer. We carry handle kits, vacuum breakers, diaphrams and everything you need to keep your Sloan Valve working properly.