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In the Kohler Category, you can find any Kohler flapper that is currently available. We stock Genuine Kohler float valve assemblies, ballcocks, flappers, and trip levers. All products in this section are OEM genuine replacements manufactured by Kohler Co.


Stems and Cartridges Flush and Fill Valves
Shop for Genuine replacement Kohler® Stems and Cartridges to fix your faucet/shower valve. If you don't see the Kohler part you need, call us and we'll add it to our website!
We carry the largest selection of Genuine OEM Kohler® Flush and Fill Valves for all models.
Pull Out Spray Heads Flappers and Flush Balls
Kohler Pull Out Spray Heads for kitchen sink faucets.
Original OEM Kohler Flappers and Flush Balls to fix your toilet. We carry the flappers for all Kohler 1-piece and 2-piece toilets including Rialto, Wellington and Rochelle model toilets.
Tank Seals & Gaskets Trip Levers
Original genuine OEM Kohler Tank Seals & Gaskets for two piece style toilets.
Genuine replacement Kohler Toilet Tank Trip Levers for all model toilets including 1 and 2-piece styles.
Adapters and Connecters Aerators
Shop for Genuine replacement Kohler Adapters and Connectors.
Kohler Aerators
Drain Repair Parts Extension Kits
Genuine replacement Kohler drain repair parts for bathroom sinks, bathtubs and kitchen sinks.
Kohler Valve Extension Kits are often needed when shower valves are mounted too far in the wall, preventing the handle and trim from connecting.
Handles and Knobs Trim Plates, Escutcheons and Sleeves
Shop for Genuine replacement Kohler Handles and Knobs for your kitchen or bath faucet. We also carry original replacement Kohler handles
Shop for Genuine replacement Kohler Trim Plates, Escutcheons and Sleeves to fit tub and shower valve, sink faucets and more.
Kohler Toilet Tank Reference Guide

Kohler Toilet Tank Reference Guide