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Sanitation Supplies

At the Chicago Faucet Shoppe, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and germ-free space and have compiled our most sought-after sanitation supplies to assist in your search. We understand how difficult it can be to avoid frequently touched surfaces such as handles and buttons. This is where our line of touchless products comes into play. Replace your old bathroom appliances with touchless faucets and touchless hand dryers to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Install Sloan flushometer retrofits to automatically flush toilets and urinals, an excellent upgrade for any public or commercial bathroom. We even carry touchless soap dispensers and water fountains for commercial spaces, so your customers can minimize their contact with any surfaces.

Pandemic Prevention Products for Homes & Businesses

Our selection includes a variety of supplies, including hands-free faucets and dryers. We also carry bidet faucets for more thorough cleaning. Whether you are shopping for your home or business, we supply a variety of pandemic prevention products to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses by decreasing direct contact with contaminated surfaces, an important measure for protecting health throughout pandemics and in cold and flu seasons.