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Specializing in the manufacture of faucets, valves and specialty products for the industrial and commercial plumbing (laboratory, restaurant, hospitality and food service markets). T&S Brass is known for creating quality-plumbing products using the highest possible standards. When it comes to fine craftsmanship, T&S Brass commercial kitchen faucets are among the top industrial kitchen fixtures available. We stock all types of T&S Brass taps, including lavatory, food service, service sink, health care and metering. For example, we have the top-quality Model B-2346 that features 8-inch centers and 4-inch wrist handles.

We carry every available part for T&S faucets and valves, including spouts, aerators and adaptors, stems, cartridges, hoses, handles, and pre-rinse spray heads. Aligning with our level of quality, we’re proud to be numbered among T&S Brass dealers.

NEW! - Learn more about the redesigned T&S Brass B-1100 Series Workboard Faucets
NEW! - Learn more about the all new
T&S Brass B-5100 Series Pre-Rinse Units

  • Popular Pre-Rinse Items

    T&S Brass manufactures the most the most durable and reliable pre-rinse faucet on the market. For your convenience we've made it easy to shop the most popular original T&S Brass pre-rinse products at the best prices all in one place!
  • Pre-Rinse Units

    Since 1947, T&S Brass Pre-Rinse units have been designed for heavy use commercial kitchens. Water efficient pre-rinse sprayers are EPAct Compliant and T&S Brass proves reliability with the tested B-0107 spray valve.
  • Repair Parts and Components

    T&S Brass replacement parts and components for faucets and pre-rinse systems. Select from T&S Stem kits, pre-rinse spray heads, glass filler repair kits, handles, spouts and much more.
    Find parts by model number
  • Sink Faucets

    T&S Brass offers sink faucets of all kinds including lavatory, service sink, metering, food service and healthcare fittings.
  • Pot and Kettle Fillers

    T&S Brass pot and kettle filler faucets for stove ranges and commercial kitchens. Also be sure to view the T&S Brass Wok Faucets.
  • Dipperwells

    T&S Brass Dipperwell Faucets and Bowls are great for ice cream shops, restaurants and cafes.
  • Foot Pedals

    Foot pedal valves allow hands free operation at your sink. Use a T&S Brass foot pedal when your hands are tied, dirty, or simply want to conserve water.
  • Bed Pan Washers

    Bed Pan Washers by T&S are often used in hospitals, nursing centers, and retirement homes.
  • Glass Fillers and Water Stations

    Conveniently fill cups and glasses quickly with a T&S Brass push back glass filler faucet. Perfect for restaurants, bars, or even your home, T&S glass fillers available in wall or deck mounted models.
  • Vacuum Breakers and Backflow Preventers

    T&S Brass Vacuum Breakers (back-flow preventers) are commonly used in food service and mop sink areas. Vacuum breakers help prevent cross contamination of dirty and clean water by anti-siphoning the water line.
  • Laboratory

    Shop for T&S Brass laboratory fittings and valves. Find T&S laboratory hose cocks, turrets, gas valves, water fittings and more all right here.
  • Emergency Equipment

    T&S Brass Laboratory Emergency Equipment helps wash out your eyes, skin, and entire body when exposed to dangerous lab chemicals.
  • Shower Valves

    T&S Brass shower valves are great for replacement or new installations. T&S also offers a metering shower valve to help save water; this is great for pool sides and commercial use.
  • Equip

    Equip Food Service Faucets by T&S Brass is an economy line of commercial faucets and food service accessories.
  • Safe-T-Link Gas & Water Appliance Connectors

    T&S Brass Safe-T-Link Gas & Water Appliance Connectors
  • Washdown Solutions

    Retractable hose reels by T&S are designed to wash down almost any room including warehouses, auto-garages, hospitals and more. Easily mount a hose reel to the ceiling or wall.
  • Waste Valves and Sink Drains

    T&S Brass Twist and Lever Style Sink Drains for commercial kitchen sinks make it easy to drain and strain the water without reaching your hands into a dirty tub of water.
  • Warranty Information

    View T&S Brass Product Warranty Information

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