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Faucet Replacement & Repair Parts

There are hundreds of thousands of different faucet parts, which can make finding the exact part you need for faucet repair a headache. That's why at the Chicago Faucet Shoppe, we have made finding replacement parts easy. Simply search by part number, brand, or even the model of your faucet to quickly see all the available products that match. Whether you are looking for a specific cartridge or pull-out spray heads, we have all the faucet repair parts you’ll ever need.

If your kitchen faucet is on the fritz or you are looking to update your old aesthetic with a remodel, then it's time to browse our array of kitchen sink parts. We carry everything needed for a new look, including faucet cartridges and washer parts that can complete any room makeover. Upgrade your style with a kitchen sink that's not just functional but exceptional. Don't stop there, we also have bathroom parts and fixtures to bring your lavatory into the modern age. When there is an issue with your tub or your toilet, bathroom faucet repair parts are the quick and easy way to get your plumbing back on track without having to pay for an entirely new fixture. Browse our selection of bathroom faucet parts to find showerheads in a variety of styles and water pressures. With so many options to choose from, we make shower faucet replacement easy and affordable.

We also carry vintage replacement parts that are difficult to find at modern retailers. This can include OEM genuine faucet parts to restore your sinks and tubs to their original condition. When it comes to DIY home repair, our experts are available to answer your questions. Send in a photo of the damaged part, and you will be matched with a replacement from the site.

Replacement Spray Heads for Pull Out Kitchen Faucets
Replacement Pull Out Spray Heads
Thermostatic Shower Cartridges

Ceramic Valve Stems

Ceramic Valve Stems
Ceramic Mixing Cartridges
Ceramic Mixing Cartridges

Pressure Ba;lancing Cartridges

Pressure Balancing Cartridges
Single Control & Push-Pull Style Mixing Cartridges

Also check out the following items in our Plumber's Outlet category:

  • Altmans Faucet Parts

    Genuine replacement Altmans ceramic cartridges for faucets and shower valves.
  • Franke Faucet Parts

    Franke replacement parts, cartridges, spray heads, filters and everything you need to keep your Franke fixture working happy!
  • Hastings-Vola Parts

    Genuine Hastings-Vola Faucet Parts for sinks and shower valves. Find thermostatic cartridges for Vola showers and ceramic cartridge stems for sink valves.
  • Jado Parts

    Genuine replacement Jado faucet and shower parts. Find new cartridges and stem assemblies for Jado faucets and fixtures.
  • Thermostatic Mixing Cartridges

    Grohe Thermostatic Mixing Cartridges
  • American Standard

    Shop for genuine American Standard toilet and faucet repair parts. You will only find 100% original manufactured parts from American Standard here.
  • Arrrowhead Brass

    Arrrowhead Brass Repair Kits and Replacement Parts
  • Briggs/Case

    Replacement toilet and faucet parts for Briggs and Case. Find genuine repair parts such as ballcocks, stems and more.
  • Carefree

    Carefree Faucet and Shower Parts
  • Chicago Faucets

    Full line of Chicago Faucets repair parts and components for all models. We carry stems, cartidges, handles, shanks and every adapter/washer for Chicago Faucets.
  • Cifial

    Cifial faucet and shower replacement parts. Find genuine replacement cartridges, stems and handles to fix leaky Cifial faucets.
  • Crane

    Genuine Crane Faucet Parts for your bathroom sink faucet or tub and shower valve. We stock original genuine Crane Dialese stems, handles, trim pieces to get your beautiful vintage porcelain sink or shower back up and running.
  • Danze

    Find replacement parts for your Danze faucet or shower valve.
  • Delta Faucets

    Find replacement parts for your Delta faucet or shower valve.
  • Dornbracht

    Complete selection of Dornbrach faucet parts online. Find replacement ceramic and compression style stems for all Dornbracht faucets.
  • Elkay

    Elkay Faucet and Drinking Fountain/Cooler Replacement Parts
  • Graff

    Graff Faucet Cartridges, Valves & Parts

    Updating, repairing or remodeling your faucets or shower parts can be stressful, but it pays to use high-quality replacement parts. We stock a variety of Graff faucet parts, including ceramic disc valves and cartridge replacement parts. Our line of thermostatic cartridge replacements ensures your faucet or shower runs at peak performance years after you install it.

    We have Graff shower valve parts and Graff shower cartridge replacements that allow you to get an accurate temperature and water pressure control each time you take a shower. Each part built to last, and you'll gain peace of mind knowing that you're getting quality replacement parts.

  • Hansa

    Hansa replacement faucet and shower parts. Find genuine replacement Hansa cartridges, hoses and repair ktis.
  • Hansgrohe

    Looking for Hansgrohe replacement parts? You've found them! We carry tons of genuine replacement cartridges and kits for your Hansrohe sink or shower faucet.
  • Imported / Multi-Brand

    Imported / Multi-Brand stems and cartridges found on off name manufacturers or imported faucet brands.
  • Kohler

    Find Genuine Kohler faucet and toilet repair parts. We stock 100's of Kohler stems, handles, washers and more.
  • KWC

    Genuine KWC replacement parts including cartridge, spray heads, handles and repair kits.
  • Mansfield

    Mansfield Parts for wall hydrants, ballcocks and all other brass plumbing products.
  • Moen

    Find genuine Moen replacent parts In Stock! We carry every part available for Moen and if you don't see it on our site we'll add it!
  • Perlick

    Perlick replacement faucet parts
  • Phylrich Parts

    Genuine replacement Phylrich Faucet Parts for kitchen or bathroom sink valves. Original ceramic disc cartridges from Phylrich can stop leaks and restore your faucet to fully working condition.
  • Powers

    We stock genuine Powers replacement faucet and shower parts for HydroGuard pressure balancing and thermostatic shower valves. Find cartridges, balance spindles and handles for Powers valves.
  • Price Pfister

    Price Pfister replacement parts for showers, faucets and valves.
  • Rohl

    Genuine Rohl replacement cartridges, diverters, extension kits and repair kits. Fix your Rohl Country kitchen or bath faucet with genuine replacement parts.
  • Royal Brass

    We offer replacement parts for Royal Brass shower valves and sink faucets. Find new stem assemblies and handles to fix your existing Royal Brass faucet or valve.
  • Sloan

    We carry OEM Sloan flush valve parts including handle kits, diaphrams, selenoids and more!
  • Speakman

    Full Online Catalog Speakman Faucet Parts
  • Strom Plumbing

    Strom Plumbing - Sign of The Crab Faucet Parts
  • Symmons

    Symmons shower valve stems, washers and repair kits. We carry every part available for Symmons shower and sink faucets.
  • T&S Brass

    T&S Brass faucet parts for all commercial models. Find replacement Pre-Rinse Spray heads, hoses, stems and more.
  • Thermostatic Cartridges

    Find genuine replacement Thermostatic Cartridges for tub and shower valves.
  • Union Brass

    Genuine replacement Union Brass faucet and shower parts.
  • Woodford

    Woodford Outdoor Repair Parts
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