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Kohler Toilets and Tank Parts Specifications

Every Kohler toilet has a unique number marked under the lid or inside the tank. These numbers begin with "K-" and are stamped directly into the porcelain. In some cases there is a product sheet taped under the lid from the factory.

To use the listing below, please have your Kohler toilet's "K-" number ready.

K-11450 Wellworth® , Highline
K-11451 Cimarron
K-11452 Kelston
K-11453 Kelston
K-11456 Cimarron
K-11460 (3-1/4) Memoirs
K-11460 Memoirs
K-11461 (3-1/4) Memoirs
K-11461 Memoirs
K-11465 (3-1/4) Cimarron
K-11465 Cimarron
K-11470 Wellworth® , Highline
K-11471 Wellworth, Highline
K-11473 Wellworth, Highline
K-11492 Wellworth, Highline
K-14076 Solstice
K-14110 Pic Wicker
K-14128 Northern Lights
K-14178 Portrait Lite, Epernay, English Trellis, Alouette
K-14210 Loon Lite
K-14213 Peonies & Ivy
K-14230 Revival® Ankara
K-14239 Calabria, Briar Rose
K-14250 Garland Lite
K-14290 Prairie Flowers Fables & Flowers
K-14291 Downies Gold
K-3322 Gabrielle
K-3323 Santa Rosa
K-3324 Kathryn
K-3357 Portrait
K-3360 Revival, Ankara
K-3378 Pillow Talk
K-3379 Pillow Talk
K-3383 Palarre
K-3384 San Raphael
K-3385 Rochelle
K-3386 Rialto
K-3390 Champlain
K-3393 San Raphael
K-3395 San Raphael
K-3397 San Raphael
K-3398 San Raphael
K-3400 Pompton
K-3401 Cabernet
K-3402 Rialto
K-3405 Placid
K-3406 San Miguel
K-3407 Wellworth
K-3408 Cabernet
K-3410 Vintage
K-3411 Vintage
K-3412 Vintage
K-3414 Wellworth
K-3415 Wellington
K-3417 Fleur
K-3419 Folio
K-3420 Wellworth
K-3421 Wellworth
K-3422 Wellworth® , Highline
K-3423 Wellworth® , Highline
K-3427 Wellworth® , Highline
K-3428 Wellworth
K-3429 Memoirs
K-3432 Wellworth Classic
K-3433 Wellworth, Highline
K-3434 Rosario One-Piece
K-3435 San Martine
K-3437 Trocadero
K-3438 Wellworth® Highline
K-3439 Memoirs
K-3440 Cayuga
K-3441 Wellesley Water-Guard
K-3444 Serif
K-3445 Folio
K-3446 Wellington
K-3447 Fleur
K-3448 Folio
K-3449 Folio
K-3451 (3-1/4) Memoirs
K-3451 Memoirs
K-3452 Memoirs
K-3453 (3-1/4) Memoirs
K-3453 Memoirs
K-3454 Folio
K-3455 Revival
K-3456 Iron Works
K-3457 Devonshire
K-3458 Wellworth, Highline, Barrington
K-3461 Serif
K-3462 Memoirs
K-3463 Iron Works
K-3464 Serif
K-3465 Pinoir
K-3466 San Raphael
K-3467 San Raphael
K-3468 Serif
K-3470 Couture Water-Guard
K-3471 Couture
K-3472 Couture
K-3477 Couture
K-3478 Couture
K-3479 Couture
K-3480 Couture
K-3481 Wellworth® , Highline
K-3482 Pinoir
K-3483 Pinoir
K-3484 Kathryn
K-3485 Pinoir
K-3486 Leighton
K-3487 Bancroft
K-3488 Devonshire
K-3489 Cimarron
K-3490 Portrait Lite, Epernay, English Trellis, Alouette
K-3491 Portrait Lite, Epernay, English Trellis, Alouette
K-3492 Purist Hatbox
K-3493 Highline
K-3496 (3-1/4) Cimarron
K-3496 Cimarron
K-3497 (3-1/4) Cimarron
K-3497 Cimarron
K-3499 Cimarron
K-3500 Wellworth Water-Guard
K-3502 Wellworth Water-Guard
K-3503 Devonshire
K-3504 Wellworth Water-Guard
K-3505 Wellworth
K-3506 Portrait
K-3509 (3-1/4) Memoirs
K-3509 Memoirs
K-3510 Wellworth, Highline, Trylon, Barlow
K-3511 (3-1/4) Memoirs
K-3511 Memoirs
K-3512 Wellworth, Highline, Trylon, Barlow
K-3513 Gabrielle
K-3514 Wellworth, Highline, Trylon, Barlow
K-3515 (3-1/4) Memoirs
K-3515 Memoirs
K-3517 Archer
K-3519 Highline
K-3520 Wellworth, Northline Water-Guard
K-3521 Wellworth, Northline Water-Guard
K-3524 Fountainhead
K-3526 (3-1/4) Memoirs
K-3526 Memoirs
K-3527 Highline Water-Guard
K-3530 Barringtonâ„¢ Water-Guard
K-3531 Highline
K-3532 Memoirs
K-3533 (3-1/4) Memoirs
K-3533 Memoirs
K-3535 Barringtonâ„¢ Water-Guard
K-3536 Barringtonâ„¢ Water-Guard
K-3542 Memoirs
K-3544 Wellworth, Highline, Barrington
K-3546 Wellworth, Highline, Barrington
K-3548 (3-1/4) Memoirs
K-3548 Memoirs
K-3551 Archer®
K-3554 Highline
K-3555 Revival
K-3556 Confidante
K-3557 Confidante
K-3564 Saile
K-3574 Wellworth, Highline
K-3575 Wellworth
K-3576 Wellworth, Highline
K-3577 Wellworth
K-3588 Escale
K-3589 Cimarron
K-3591 Portrait Lite, Epernay, English Trellis, Alouette
K-3597 San Raphael
K-3598 Strela
K-3607 San Raphael
K-3608 Gabrielle
K-3609 Cimarron
K-3611 Wellworth, Highline
K-3612 Revival, Ankara
K-3613 Revival(R)
K-3639 Archer