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Toilet Repair Parts

You can find plenty of toilet replacement parts and toilet repair parts for American-Standard, Case and Kohler toilets at ChicagoFaucetShoppe.com. If you need toilet plumbing parts, such as flush valves and ballcocks, there are plenty of options available. There are also replacement toilet parts, such as flush balls and lift rods, for each of these brands as well as for popular Briggs and Sloan toilets.

In addition to these repair options, ChicagoFaucetShoppe.com has toilet components like seats from Bemis in both wood and plastic. These seats are available in round and elongated models with specialty options like slow-closing and potty-training lids. Exposed flush valves designed for toilets and urinals by Sloan Valve Co are other popular toilet repair parts at Chicago Faucet Shoppe. If you are in need of assistance with part identification or simply have some questions, contact us via email or by phone at (800) 969-8625. Our experienced team of professionals is happy to help!

  • Toilet Parts by Brand

    Find genuine replacement toilet parts such as flush valve and ballcocks to fix your American Standard, Kohler, Case, Briggs, Sloan and more.
  • Assorted Toilet Parts by Type

    Find assorted replacement flush valve and ballcock parts for your toilet. We carry replacement flush balls, lift rods, guids and more.
  • Toilet Seats

    Toilet seats from Bemis are available in wood or plastic, and in your choice of round or elongated models. Choose from dozens of toilet seats with slow closing lids and potty training lids. Bemis offers the best toilet seat selection.
  • Flush Valves for Toilets and Urinals

    We offer Exposed Flush Valves for Toilets and Urinals by top name brands such as Sloan Valve Co, Chicago Faucets, Gerber, Delta Commercial and Hydrotek.
Coast Foundry - IB1X Ballcock Assembly Coast Foundry - IB1X Ballcock Assembly

Coast Foundry - IB1X Ballcock Assembly
This is a non-original Kohler item made to fit Kohler Toilets

Coast Foundry - Mark IV Diaphragm Kit Coast Foundry - Mark IV Diaphram Kit

Coast Foundry - Mark IV Diaphragm Kit

Gerber Toilets - High Performance Gravity Fed and Pressure Assist