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Q. Why purchase Chicago Faucets products?
A. Chicago Faucets products have been constructed of solid brass since 1901 with the best warranty in the business. All components are interchangeable so replacement parts are available for products as far back as 1913. All qualified products comply with the NSF 61 Clean Drinking Water Act.
Q. Are Chicago Faucet products lead free?
A. All products that are required to be in compliance with the Federal Clean Drinking Water Act (NSF61) have been certified.
Q. Can Chicago Faucet product be installed in my home?
A. Yes, the Chicago Faucets commercial heritage makes it the perfect faucet for your business or home.
Q. Where can I buy Chicago Faucet products?
Q. I have a Chicago Faucet product installed and would like to change the handles or spout. Can I change them?
A. Yes, most handles, spouts and cartridges are interchangeable back to our 1913 product line.
Q. What finishes are available?
A. Polished chrome is our standard finish. Residential Finishes are discontinued. Contact us for further information.
Q. What is the Chicago Faucets warranty?
A. For over 100 hundred years Chicago Faucets has stood behind its products. See our Warranty for specific details.
Q. Who do I call with questions about the warranty?
A. Call Customer Service at 847-803-5000 Option 2. A Customer Service Representative can answer your questions.
Installation and Maintenance
Q. Are replacement parts available?
A. Yes, parts for our current standard products are available.
Q. Can I install a Chicago Faucets product myself?
A. Yes, Chicago Faucets products may be easily installed in a home or business. To assure you are in compliance with local building codes, it is recommended you consult a local plumbing contractor.
Q. Can I repair my Chicago Faucets product?
A. Yes, in most cases maintenance and repair may be performed quickly and easily. View our Chicago Faucet Parts page to find what you're looking for.
Q. Are submittal drawings available for your products?
A. You can contact one of our reps for product spec sheets and drawings.(Most are already available on our website for viewing)
Q. Are installation instructions available?
A. See the appropriate Installation Instructions for your product. Installation instructions also come packaged with each brand new Chicago Faucet you purchase.
Q. Why do the handles spin?
A. The cap nut is not tight. Tighten the cap nut firmly.
Q. How do I align the handles?
A. The handles may be repositioned by removing the mounting, taking off the handle and replacing the handle on the stem in the next groove made in the handle.
Q. The gooseneck (GN) spout on my faucet wobbles. Is it installed properly?
A. The package of white washers included with the GN spouts provides the material and instructions for reducing the wobble.
Q. Can I replace the screen on the aerator?
A. The screen in the aerator should not be replaced. A new aerator should be purchased.
Q. How do I set the adjustment on a metering faucet?
A. For help adjusting a metering faucet, please refer to the Maintenance/Repair Manual.
Q. Are repair parts available for the cartridge?
A. Yes, a complete listing of repair parts for cartridges are available in the Maintenance/Repair Manual.
Q. Does Chicago Faucets sell a ceramic disc cartridge?
A. Yes, for a slight additional charge on all faucets where the Quaturn cartridge is standard.
Q. What is the Quaturn™ cartridge?
A. Quaturn™ is a repairable, ¼ turn full on / full off cartridge.
Cleaning and Care
Q. How do I clean Chicago Faucets products?
A. Use a mild soap and water with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleansers for this will void the warranty on the finish.

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