Chicago Faucets - Quaturn® Compression Cartridge
Chicago Faucets offers a complete selection of commercial-grade cartridges including the Quaturn®. Truly an American original design - it is a solid piece of engineering that has set the standard for commercial faucets for the past century.

Chciago Faucets Quaturn Operating Cartridge
  • Opens and closes in just a 1/4 turn
  • Unique design closes with water pressure
  • Standard in all centerset and widespread faucets for sink and lavatory
  • ADA Compliant when used with lever or wing handles
  • Renewable parts available

The Heart Of Every Chicago Faucet

A cartridge is the heart of any faucet. It regulates the flow of water and is the single most important component that effects overall performance. While there are imitations, there is no substitute for the quality of a Chicago Faucet cartridge. The Chicago Faucet cartridge collection includes more than 100 types of cartridges designed for your application needs: Quaturn, Ceramic, Slow Compression, Metering and Klo-Self self-closing cartridges.

Chicago Faucets Quaturn Cartridges Chicago Faucets 377-XTRHJKNF Long Quaturn Cartridge Chicago Faucets 377-XTLHJKNF Long Quaturn Cartridge Chicago Faucets 1-099XTJKNF Quaturn Cartridge Chicago Faucets 1-100XTJKNF Quaturn Cartridge