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KWC Faucets by Series

  • AVA

    KWC AVA Kitchen faucets are sleek and modern for the contemporary kitchen. Polished chrome and Solid Stainless Steel finishes with your choice of pull out spray or aerator style faucets.
  • Deco

    KWC Deco kitchen and bar faucets are designed for the transitional look to compliment new and older kitchens. Solid brass construction with polished chrome and stainless steel finish options makes KWC Deco kitchen faucets a great choice for anyone.
  • Divo-Arco

    KWC Divo-Arco single handle kitchen and bar faucets have a loop handle for easy grip and ceramic disc mixing cartridge. KWC's Divo-Arco Swivel spout 360° turn can reach all angles when installed on an island or bar.
  • Domo

    KWC Domo Kitchen Faucets come in several styles from side lever pull out spray to commercial pre-rinse faucet. Available in polished chrome and splendure stainless steel, KWC Domo kitchen faucets are modern for the contemporary kitchen.
  • Edge

    KWC Edge pull out spray kitchen faucets are sleek and contemporary for the modern kitchen. Available in chrome and splendure stainless steel, KWC Edge kitchen faucets are sharp and decorative.
  • EVE

    KWC EVE Pull down kitchen faucets with LUMINAQUA® LED-technology produce not only water for your kitchen or bar sink, they also provide light! EVE kitchen faucets are one-hole side-lever mixers available in polished chrome and solid stainless steel.
  • Livello

    If you're looking for a high-quality kitchen faucet with modern details and demanding performance the Livello Faucet is for you!
  • Luna

    KWC Luna single hole pull out spray kitchen faucets are simple, basic and on the more affordable end of KWC faucets. KWC Luna faucets are available in chrome or Splendure™ Stainless Steel.
  • Luna-E

    KWC Luna-E faucet continues to innovate beyond its predecessor, the Luna. This faucet provides even more benefits while still keeping the favorited features of the older model. An impressive variety of functions to make life in the kitchen easier.
  • ONO

    KWC ONO Kitchen faucets are sleek and modern for the contemporary kitchen. Polished chrome and Solid Stainless Steel finishes with your choice of pull out spray, pre-rinse or standard spout styles are all options with KWC ONO kitchen faucets.
  • ONO Touch Light Pro

    KWC ONO Touch Light Pro Kitchen faucets simplify your life so you can focus on life's essentials. The new version of the KWC ONO features electronically-controlled technological enhancements for the more tech savvy kitchens.
  • Piana

    KWC Piana kitchen faucets offer true quality and ease of use at an excellent price for your wallet! The ChicagoFaucetShoppe carries the wide range of KWC Piana products to help you choose the right model for your needs.

    KWC SAROS Kitchen Faucets
  • SIN

    Sleek and stylish, KWC's new SIN series kitchen faucets are designed for contemporary kitchens. KWC SIN single lever kitchen faucets have pull down spray functions and matching soap dispensers for a completed look.
  • Suprimo

    KWC Suprimo Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucets are the best you can buy. Suprimo offers solid stainless steel pull out spray faucets with solid steel spray heads for the longest lasting use of any other brand.
  • Systema

    KWC Systema Kitchen Faucets have a design that's sophisticated and simple for any modern or contemporary kitchen. KWC Systema series faucets are avialable in Solid Stainless Steel and Polished Chrome decorative finishes.
  • ZOE

    After 140 years of expertise in the industry, the KWC Zoe kitchen faucets are a true piece of functional art for your kitchen! This faucet handles subtle functions and features an interplay of light and water for undeniable perfection. Simply, this faucet will redefine luxury in your kitchen!
  • ZOE Touch Light Pro

    KWC Zoe Touch Light Pro kitchen faucets feature smart technology by responding to a light touch of your hand. These faucets are also very easy to program and include a light ring to indicate water temperature!