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Metering & Self-Closing Push Faucets

If you're a contractor that is currently remodeling an office setting, medical facility or public restroom, our commercial metering faucets and our self-closing faucets are an excellent way to reduce the amount of water used each day! The Symmons metering faucet is another excellent green faucet that we are proud to offer to our clients. The environmental awareness campaign has gained a lot of support in the past few years, and we believe in helping in any small way we can. This is why we offer commercial lavatory faucets with water-saving faucets as well! Once you have purchased and installed one of our water-saving faucets, you can proudly tell your customers you are doing your part in the green movement as well.

Metering and self closing faucets help save water, energy and money. Great for commercial bathrooms in stadiums, airports and public restrooms alike; metering faucets will help pass Green inspections and can gain LEED points.

  • Adjustable Tempterature

    Metering Faucets with Adjustable Tempterature Control are great for doctors offices, public restrooms and more relaxed commercial environments. Find durable push button metering style faucets from Chicago Faucets and Symmons at discounted prices.
  • Single Handle

    Shop for Single Handle Metering Faucets available from top name manufacturers including Chicago Faucets, Symmons, T&S Brass and Geberit. Commercial metering faucets can help save money by conserving on water, gas and energy costs.
  • Two Handle

    With Two Handle metering Faucets you have control over both the hot and cold water with the push of a button. Self closing, vandal resistant metering faucets with two handles can easily replace any existing sink faucet.
  • Wall Mounted

    Our Metering Faucets Wall Mounted Installations can supply integrated or separate spout outlets allowing you to design the perfect setup. In-wall mounted metering valves are commonly used for outdoor showers or as commercial vessel/bathroom sink fillers.

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