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Chicago Faucet E-Tronic 20

Electronic and Sensor Faucets

Electronic sensor faucets can save you money on energy costs and require less servicing over time because they are rarely touched by human hands. The hands free automatic sensor faucets are available in both AC Hard-wire and DC Battery powered models. We recommend Chicago Faucets Hytronics when installing more than one unit because they have amazing features other brands simply do not have. With a Hytronic Faucet, you can use a Palm device to set and gauge the battery life, amount of times used, allowed running time, distance for activation and run diagnostics to determine faulty units. Click here to learn more.

  • Delta

    Delta commercial electronic sensor and metering faucets are built for everyday use in public restrooms often found in stadiums, schools, hospitals and locker rooms.
  • Chicago Faucets

    Chicago Faucets Hytronics Series are state of the art electronic sensor faucets for commercial lavatories. Featuring the Commander Software for you Palm Pilot, Chicago Faucets are easily programmable and repairable.
    • Above Deck Installation - AC or DC Powered
  • Symmons

    Symmons Ultra-Sense Electronic Faucets are great for public restrooms in airports, stadiums and truck stops. Installing an automatic sensor faucet can help save water, energy, and money.
  • T&S Brass

    T&S Brass ChekPoint Automatic Sensor Faucets limit the amount of daily water usage. Use a T&S electronic faucet and save money on water bills, gas bills, and other energy costs.
  • American Standard

    American Standard electronic sensor faucets are hands free and save lots of water and energy costs.
  • Electronic Soap Dispensers

    We cary Automatic Electronic Soap Dispensers from Encore CHG. These hands free soap dispensers are often required in public restrooms and commercial areas.
  • Encore Electronic Sensor Faucets

    Find the full line of Encore Electronic Sensor Faucets by Component Hardware Group (CHG) here. Save up to 35% off all electronic faucets by CHG - Encore.
  • Hydrotek

    Hydrotek Electronic Faucets are affordable and perfect for any low budget commercial lavatory setting. Save water and energy costs by installing an automatic sensor faucet today.
  • Hansa

    Hansa Electonic Faucets are touch operated for on and off. The HansaCanyon line features electronic temperature mixing as well as LED color lights buit in.
  • Mixing Valves

    Mixing Valves for Single Supply Line Faucets help set the right temperature for electronic and push button metering faucets without user temp control.

T&S Brass CheckPoint Sensor Faucets with EC Hydrogen Power Generator