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Bathroom Renovation Ideas for the New Year

Bathrooms are one of the places where everyone spends a lot of time in the home. You get ready in the bathroom and hopefully get to relax a bit while taking some well-deserved me-time. Unfortunately, not everyone has a bathroom that invites a smile or evokes relaxation. If thatís the case for you, then itís time to do something about it. Here are some top bathroom renovation ideas to get you started.

Start With the Faucets as Functional Showpieces
Your bathroom faucets serve a very functional purpose ó to bring hot and cold water into your bathroom, of course. And yet they can be attractive as well as utilitarian. There are so many creative designs that youíre sure to find some that suit your tastes.

Whether you have double or single sinks in your bathroom, consider some of these beautiful options:
Widespread Faucets in a variety of styles and finishes
Slant Back and Shelf Back Faucets, which are hard to find and unique
Single Handle Faucets with minimal footprints
Antique Reproduction Faucets for individual taps
4Ē Centerset Faucets with a low profile
Vessel Bowl Faucets for an artistic addition
Metering Faucets for water- and energy-saving efforts

Next on your list will be your shower and tub faucets and fixtures. Youíll have the option to match the finishes with your sink faucets for a clean and continuous look.

If you have or will install a clawfoot tub, there are special faucets that will add a certain elegance and appeal. For showers, you can choose from a wide variety of handles, knobs, fixed showerheads, and retractable showerheads.

Sit with your ideas for a bit as you decide what you want in bathroom faucets and fixtures. Do you prefer two separate faucets for individual taps? Or is sleek more your style? When you're renovating for a new year and a new bathroom, you get to choose!

Focus on the Lighting
Creating lighting for a bathroom can be a complicated endeavor. You want it to be focused enough to do things in detail. And yet you donít want the lighting to be too harsh or bright. This is where options abound.
  • Install clear and crisp overhead lighting that will illuminate the entire room.
  • Use a dimmer switch for the overhead lights to select your lighting level.
  • Add lights over the vanity mirrors to enhance your getting-ready experience.
An innovative idea is to attach your lighting system to a smart device to control the lights with an app on your phone or via voice command.

Plan for Sufficient Storage
When proper storage is lacking in bathrooms, it can easily prove frustrating for everyone in the home. While you're in the planning stages of the bathroom renovation, take a pencil and paper or a smartphone into the bathroom and look around. Document and photograph the areas that you wish to change.

Perhaps your toiletries sit out on the counter or the linens have no home. Maybe you have to remember to bring in toilet paper every other day. None of these are convenient scenarios. Take note of what you have, and what you would like to store in the bathroom. Jot down the size of your tried-and-true cosmetics and toiletries to ensure proper depth and height within your new cabinetry, shelving, and drawers.

Another point to include here is identifying what you keep in your shower and near your tub. As part of the bathroom renovation, you may want to incorporate built-in shelving within your shower wall panels. Or perhaps some nearby freestanding shelving or design-worthy hanging baskets are preferable. Whatever you choose to do, you will need to pay attention to the room dimensions to ensure you have enough storage space.

Invest in Plumbing Upgrades and Updates
Another way to make necessary changes as part of your bathroom renovation is with the plumbing. When you think about updating your bathroom, you probably envision the aesthetics and the functional aspects, such as finding attractive faucets. But what about the plumbing itself? Your water lines and connection points are just as important as the fixtures.

If your under-sink or in-the-wall pipes are old or out of code, this is the perfect time to make upgrades. Any renovation requires opening a wall or two to work on the project. As your walls will already be open, you will have easy access to the plumbing. You can inspect the area for leaks and make repairs as part of the renovation.

Replace all of the plumbing components to bring them up to code. These may include pipes that are:
  • Iron or galvanized steel
  • Rusted, cracked, or leaking
  • Flaking, scratched, or discolored
Always check with your local municipality to determine the proper code for plumbing installations.

Understand How Attention to the Details Affects the Outcome
Every bathroom is unique to its owners. Understanding how ventilation works will be important to maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Ensure you install proper in-ceiling fan vents to mitigate moisture. If your bathroom is large enough, a ceiling fan with blades will enhance the airflow and ambiance.

Of course, some of the larger parts of a new bathroom renovation in the New Year will include cabinets and vanities as well as flooring, tiles, and paint. Itís just as fun to focus on the little items as the big ones.

The Benefits of Renovating Your Bathroom in the New Year
At this time of year, you're probably ready for the idea of a New Year and a fresh start. And it certainly rings true when it comes to renovating your bathroom. You get the luxury of a clean and inviting new space where you'll be happy to spend time getting ready as well as relaxing after a long day.

When you turn on your sink or start the shower, youíll be so glad you made some beautiful upgrades to your bathroom. Everything will be new and work as it should. Your whole experience will be more functional and beautiful than before. And a new bathroom will benefit everyone in the family.