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Outdoor Faucets and Sillcocks

We carry Outdoor Faucets and Sillcocks that last in tough conditions, even freezing conditions! Be sure to check out the Woodford and Prier outdoor faucet collection.

Chicago Faucets Inside Sill Fittings Prier Sill Faucets Mansfield Outdoor Sill Faucets Woodford Outdoor Hydrants
  • Mansfield By Prier

    Mansfield is known world wide for their quality outdoor sill faucets. Today, Prier keeps the Mansfield Brass division alive with new production of outdoor brass faucets.
  • Prier Products

    For 125 years Prier has made the worlds most dependable outdoor sill faucets and brass plumbing products.
  • Watts

    Watts outdoor wall hydrants are available in several sizes, with or without vacuum breaker and with non-freeze options.
  • Woodford Mfg

    Woodford manufacturers the best outdoor sill faucets and hydrants. Available with vacuum breaker and burst protection, Woodford has the best commercial and residential wall hydrants for all types of use.
  • Chicago Faucets

    Chicago Faucets Inside Sill Fittings are designed for indoor and outdoor use, but should only be used outdoors in warmer climates.
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