T&S Brass - Eterna Compression Stye Cartridge
Find out why the T&S Brass Eterna Compression cartridge is highly recommended in commercial kitchen applications.

T&S Brass - Eterna Compression Cartridge

T&S Brass Eterna Cartirdge

T&S Eterna cartridges “rule” the compression world. Time tested and true, the Eterna cartridge has impressed specifiers and end-users alike with its rugged quality, flexibility, common sense design and superior value. Eterna is a proven compression cartridge backed by experience and the excellent T&S standard warranty. Its solid brass body is the mark of a true commercial grade product. With combination spindle and seat that can easily be removed, repaired or replaced, you will always be able to salvage an Eterna style faucet for years of service. With repair kits like the B-6K, you get two complete Eterna stems, two seats and an assortment of replacement washers/packings - View the T&S Brass B-6K

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