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T&S Brass Repair & Replacement Parts & Components

T&S Brass is a leading manufacturer in the commercial plumbing market and we have a large selection of T&S Brass faucets and parts to choose from. If you're looking for commercial repair, we have T&S Brass commercial faucet and sprayer parts. These well-built and reliable parts are designed to outlive many of your standard faucet parts. Aside from their durability, you can also count on their quality. We stock a variety of T&S Brass faucet repair kits as well. These kits are a must have for anyone in the food service, laboratory or institutional industries. If you’re looking for a brand with a well-known reputation for long-lasting, quality products, then T&S Brass fits the bill!

Find every part available for T&S Brass faucets and valves. Genuine replacement handles, stems, cartridges, spouts, pre-rinse spray heads, hoses and more.

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  • Pre-Rinse Parts

    Genuine T&S Brass Pre-Rinse Parts can get your faucet working today! New spray heads, hoses, cartridges and everything you need to keep your T&S Brass pre-rinse faucet working 100%.
  • Stems and Cartridges

    Full online selection of T&S Brass Stems and Cartridges. We carry every repair stem and barrell available for T&S Brass commercial faucets.
  • Spouts

    Genuine T&S Brass replacement spouts and extentions for every type of faucet. Find double swing style spouts and single swing spouts for all kinds of T&S Brass faucets.
  • Parts Kits

    Full catalog of T&S Brass repair kits for faucets, glass fillers, foot pedals and pre-rinse assemblies. We carry every repair kit available for all T&S Brass commercial faucets ready to ship direct to you.
  • Aerators and Adapters

    Find genuine replacement T&S Brass Faucet Aerators and Adapters. We have spout end outlets for all T&S Brass style faucets.
  • Handles

    Need replacement handles for your T&S Brass faucet? We carry every T&S Brass handle made for commercial kitchen and bathroom syle faucets.
  • Inlets and Supply Shanks

    Find T&S Brass Faucet Inlets and Supply Shanks to help attach your faucet to the backsplash, wall, counter or sink. We carry all T&S Brass faucet connections in stock.