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Crane Faucet Parts

Crane stopped making faucets over 40 years ago and today we have the largest online selection of Crane faucet repair parts. New plumbing isn't what is used to be, years ago Crane manufactured the most durable faucets ever created. Legendary designs like the Dial-Ese last longer than a lifetime; and with a simple repair part from us you can have your old Crane faucet restored like new.

  • Handles

    Genuine Crane faucet handles and knobs for tub/shower, kitchen and lavatory sink faucets. We have all the original Crane Dial-Ese dome wing style handles and cross handles for older cast iron sinks and tub and shower faucets.
  • Nuts, Washers & Repair Kits

    Genuine replacement  kits for Crane faucets and shower valves. Find nuts, washers and repair items to fix your existing Crane faucet or shower. We carry repair kits for Crane Dialese and other popular old models.
  • Original Sinks and Faucets

    Check out some of our original Crane old stock faucets/valves and used sinks and bowls.
  • Stems and Cartridges

    Genuine Crane faucet stems and cartridges for your tub and shower valve or lavatory sink faucet. We stock all of the Crane Dial-Ese stems for vintage porcelain and cast iron sinks, and we also have a large assortment of shower stem assemblies.