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Chicago Faucets - Metering Faucets

Chicago Metering Faucets are created and designed for the commercial bathroom lavatory. Self closing push button faucets will save you water, money and especially the planet. Be part of a Green environment with water saving push button metering faucets from Chicago. These solid brass water saving faucets are also available with low-flow aerators for even more conservation.

  • 4" Centers

    Chicago Faucets 4-inch metering faucets are solid casted brass and vandal resistant to last the extra mile in commercial bathrooms.
  • In-Wall

    In-Wall push button metering valves by Chicago are great for outdoor rinse showers or poolside shower areas.
  • MeterMix™

    Chicago Faucets - MeterMix™ push button tempering faucets for commercial lavatories. These MeterMix faucets are single handle push button valves that mix hot and cold water.
  • Single Hole

    Chicago single hole push button metering faucets use the MVP adjustable metering cartridge that meets all ADA compliancy.
  • Widespread

    Chicago Faucets Widespread metering lavatory fittings are often found in commercial bathrooms, schools, and hospitals.