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Geberit Plumbing Products

Geberit Faucets & Replacement Parts

Geberit North America is part of the Geberit Group, a European market leader and global provider of sanitary technology. They produce bathroom fixtures and systems such as bath waste & overflow and concealed toilet tank systems. Geberit metering faucets are designed with water-saving, eco-friendly technology to ensure you get a thorough wash without running up your water bill. Their electronic faucets dispense water with motion sensors, so you don't even have to push a button or turn a handle, leading to a more sanitary and germ-free environment.

Geberit doesn’t just stop at the sink, they also make a variety of sanitary systems for toilets as well. Their PF/2 flush valve parts contain everything needed for a functioning toilet. They also offer entire flush valve repair kits in addition to all the replacement parts sold separately. From chain hooks to trip levers, find Geberit repair parts at affordable prices.