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Shelf & Slant Back Bathroom Faucets

If you have an older home, you appreciate the simple and elegant design of the past, such as the eye-catching vintage design of the Crane Drexel wall-mounted Sink. However, when it comes to upkeep, finding replacement old-style bathroom faucets can be a major challenge. The most common of these plumbing fixtures found in homes are the shelf back faucet and slant back faucet as well as the ledge back faucet. These vintage bathroom sink faucets add a timeless elegance to your home with their simple style and ease of use. So, whether you prefer the aesthetic of our shelf back faucet or an American Standard slant back faucet, Chicago Faucet Shoppe has the resources to help you maintain your home’s vintage design elements.

  • Shelf Back Faucets

    Hard to find shelf-back faucets are often found in old wall hung cast iron sinks. We have replacement ledge style faucets for American Standard, Kohler, Central Brass and Crane style shelf-back sink faucets.
  • Slant Back Faucets

    Slant Back Faucets are very hard to find becuase they mount in old style bathroom sinks at a 45% angle. We carry replacements for every type of angled slant back faucet.