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Hansa Faucets & Fixtures

Hansa bathroom faucets & accessories are unmatched in the plumbing world. The Hansa brand is all about making water accessible & an experience for people in a whole host of everyday situations. Hansa strives to push their creativity far beyond mere product design. Hansa faucets give form to water. It becomes an intriguing spectacle. A sensuous pleasure. Why not experience it for yourself?

  • Bathroom Sink Faucets

    Hansa offers European inspired bathroom sink faucets for a contemporary look unlike any other. Original designs like the Hansamurano, Hansamotion and Hansacanyon create a waterfall experience for any bathroom sink.
  • Hand Showers

    Hand showers by hansa include functions beyond everyday use. HansaColour hand showers feautre LED lights built in for a colorful shower experience.
  • Multi-Port Diverter Valves

    Hansa's multi-port diverter valves come in 3/4-inch and make it easy to switch one shower function to another.
  • Product Lines

    Browse the full line of Hansa products and save more than we can show you online. Complete line including HansaCanyon, HansaMotion, HansaMurano and more.
  • Repair Parts

    Complete line of Hansa repair parts for showers, sinks and valves. Find Genuine Hansa cartridges, stems, repair kits and more.
  • Shower Heads

    Hansa shower heads are designed to have awesome spray functionality. Some showerheads includes bonus features like clear transparecy to see the water.
  • Shower Systems

    Shower systems by Hansa mount outside the wall and come with built in diverters and hand showers for maximum function. Find the HansaColour LED Shower System Here!
  • Shower Valves

    Choose from Hansa's brilliant line of pressure balance and thermostatic shower valves. Sleek and stylish, Hansa shower valves maintain temperature with anti-scald technology.
  • Volume Controls

    1/2 and 3/4 volume controls from Hansa have full flow control in your shower. These volume controls work great with thermostatic valves.
  • Wall Bar Kits

    Find Hansa Wall bar kits for an enhancement to your shower without tearing out the wall. Full lin of Hansa wall bars and accessories here.