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Sensor Hand Dryers

Hands-free operations for hygienic convenience!


Commercial Sensor Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are much less expensive to operate than the cost of providing paper towels in your workspace; however, there are countless debates on which is more effective in slowing the spread of germs and viruses. One thing is certain: Even adding one to your already-in-place paper towel dispenser can help you save money as well as trees.

Residential Hand Dryer

Yes, you CAN have a sensor hand dryer in your home. When you have a busy household, it can be a struggle to keep hand towels clean, dry and ready for use. Installing a hands-free hand dryer is a great choice! Hand towels can be a bacteria trap, especially when you have a house full of children who dry their hands after an improper washing. Install a hand dryer in your home today!

Our selection includes options in a variety of colors and finishes to fit any space. The infrared sensor turns the dryer on when you pass your hand under it, and it'll automatically shut off. Our products are durable and easy to maintain, from leading brands and shipped fast - browse our stock today and let us know if we can assist you.