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Classic SymmonsŪ Shower Valves

Find Symmons® original products that made them who they are today. Solid brass Temptrol and Safetymix pressure balancing valves by Symmons feature the world's first pressure balancing cartridge designed by the best. The best part about Symmons is that they have NO plastic operating parts and are designed to last forever.

  • SafetyMix

    Symmons® SafetyMix™ shower valves are often found in hospitals that require ADA Aproved pressure balancing shower valves. SafetyMix faucets are commercially built to last in tough envirmonments.
  • Temptrol

    Symmons Temptrol Tub / Shower Valves are the highest quality pressure balancing units in existance. Temptrol Shower Faucets come with solid brass cartridges and removeable parts for a lifetime of reliability.
  • Commercial Temptrol

    Symmons® Commercial Temptrol Series shower valves are made for commercial shower environments. These valves are perfect for hotels and truck stops because they are pressure balanced, solid brass shower valves - Extremely Durable.
  • Deluxe Temptrol

    Symmons® Deluxe Temptrol Shower valves have the same durability as a standard Temptrol valve, but are available with a trim and look that suits the home.
  • Temptrol II

    Symmons® Temptrol II Series shower valves are 100% approved for commercial shower areas. Hot and Cold indicators are visible to help user adjust to the correct temperature.
  • Temptrol II BP Series

    Symmons® Temptrol II BP Series features the same quality of the classic Temptrol but with a different style.
  • Allura

    Symmons® Allura Series Faucets and Valves feature the reliable Symmons Temptrol Pressure Balancing Shower Valve.
  • Symmetrix

    SymmonsŪ Symmetrix Series Faucets and Shower Valves
  • Olde Braintree Brass

    Symmons® Olde Braintree Brass valves offer a very traditional feel to your shower. Solid brass pressure balancing units, these valves are the same faucets that were at one time offered by Chicago Faucets.
  • Visu-Temp with Clear-Vue

    Complete with built in thermostat, Symmons® Visu-Temp with Clear-Vue shower systems help the user adjust the water temperature to the exact degree.
  • Visu-Temp

    Symmons® Visu-Temp shower valves feature the SafetyMix valve with complete thermostat for easy adustment of the exact temperature desired.
  • ShowerOff Metering Valves

    Symmons® ShowerOff™ Metering Shower Valves are often installed in outdoor showers, pool-side rinse areas and intitutions.
  • Exposed SafetyMix

    Symmons® Exposed SafetyMix Shower Valves feature all the same durablilty as a normal SafetyMix but include exposed risers and piping to make an external shower system.
  • Hydapipe 800 Series

    Symmons® Hydapipe 800 Series exposed shower valves are great for commercial environments such as locker rooms, prisons, outdoor showers and more.
  • Hydapipe 900 Series

    Symmons® Hydapipe 900 Series shower valves are great for institutions, prisons, and rehab facilities. These shower valves limit the amount of water usage by metering and self-closing automatically.
  • Laundry-Mate Washing Machine Valves

    Symmons® Laundry-Mate washing machine valves supply water easily and allow switching between hot and cold supplies.
  • SCOT Metering Faucets

    Symmons® SCOT Metering Faucets for commercial lavatories are single handle push button models with user ajustable tempterature control.
  • S-61 Series

    Symmons® S-61 Series metering faucets for commercial lavatories save water and energy costs by automatically shutting off after the push of a button.
  • S-71 Series

    Symmons S-71 metering faucets are built to withstand the rigors of high use commercial or institutional projects.
  • Maxline Thermostatic Mixers

    Symmons Maxline thermostatic valves can reduce the risk of scalding by limiting the maximum temperature to individual or multiple faucets.
  • Thermixer - Thermostatic Mixing Valve

    Thermixer thermostatic valves provide positive and accurate control of warm or hot water temperatures.
  • Ultra-Sense

    Symmons® Ultra-Sense Electronic Faucets save water and energy costs. These electronic faucets are often used in stadiums, airports, truck stops and commercial lavatory environments.
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Symmons 35-2DIV-CYL Dia Diverter Unit, 3 Port Symmons 35-2DIV-CYL Dia Diverter Unit, 3 Port
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