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Brass Tubular Products

Tubular plumbing products come in two main types- brass and plastic. While plastic products tend to have a standard white finish and a dull mat finish, brass tubular products have a lot more variety and often come with a shiny metallic look. Tubular piping, such as P-traps, waste valves, J-bends, and much more is used for wastewater drainage in residential and commercial kitchen & bathroom applications.

At Chicago Faucet Shoppe you can find a wide selection of brass tubular products to match your faucets and shower fixtures. We offer sink traps and drain assemblies in a range of sizes and designs to fit your decor and your plumbing needs. Get brass plumbing products for both the kitchen and bathroom or any other room with access to running water. We even carry especially tubular pieces such as drain assemblies and tail pieces. Don't let leaky pipes ruin your home; replace old or corroded plumbing with our tubular products today.