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Chicago Faucets 625-CP Foot Pedal Valve

Foot Pedal Valves

Foot Pedal operated valves conveniently allow hands free access to water. Most often found in commercial kitchens, doctors offices or hospitals, foot pedal faucets have become quite popular in the residential setting. Our foot pedal faucets can be installed straight to the floor, on a small shelf, or even from the wall for concealed space. Chicago Faucets foot pedal valves are available in both fast and slow closing styles. Slow closing means that after the foot pedal is pressed and released the water will continue to run for a short period of time.

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  • Floor Mounted

    Floor mounted foot pedal valves can be mounted very easily under a stainless steel compartment sink or hand washing station. Simply bolt the pedal valve to the floor and run your water lines.
  • Knee Operated Valves

    Knee accessible valves are similar to foot control valves but allow the user to lean or access the valve easily without use of hands.
  • Shelf and Wall Mounted

    Shelf mounted foot pedal control valves are designed to be raised from the floor allowing the concealment of the valve body and only showing the pedal(s) below.
  • Spouts, Faucets and Outlets

    Connect your foot pedal valve with one of our spout connections deigned for deck or wall mounted use. We have tons of options including gooseneck, swing spout and rigid style spout outlets for your foot pedal faucet.

T&S Brass - B-2464 - Single Pedal Valve and Dummy Rigid Gooseneck w/Rosespray T&S Brass B-2464 Single Pedal Valve & Dummy Rigid Gooseneck W/ Rosespray Outlet
List Price: $309.50
Our Price: $185.70
You save $123.80!