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Commercial 4" Bathroom Sink Faucets

Commercial 4-inch Centerset Lavatory fixtures by Chicago Faucets, T&S Brass, Fisher, Delta, Gerber & Union Brass. Chicago Faucets offer solid brass casted centerset lavatory faucets with brass compression stems for maximum life & durablility.

  • Chicago Faucets

    Commercial style solid brass casted lavatory faucets from Chicago are designed to last as long as the building.
  • T&S Brass

    T&S Brass makes high quality lavatory faucets for commercial bathrooms. Made in the USA, T&S Brass sink faucets are extremely heavy duty.
  • Fisher

    Fisher commercial lavatory faucets are built in the USA and are made of solid casted brass for maximum life.
  • Gerber

    Gerber 4" center commercial style lavatory faucets are great for public bathrooms and commercial areas. With solid bras cast bodies and replaceable stems/seats, Gerber lavatory faucets will last a lifetime.
  • Union Brass

    Union Brass commercial lavatory faucets are built for both low budget and durability.
  • Encore - CHG

    Encore - CHG Commercial style lavatory faucets for public restrooms or busy areas. Solid brass casted faucets by CHG all have Sani-Guard coating to protect againg bacteria growth.
  • Delta Commercial

    Delta Commercial 4-inch centerset lavatory faucets are designed to last in everyday traffic found in public restrooms. Solid brass casting and durable ceramic cartridges makes Delta commercial faucets one of the best.