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Pre-Rinse Faucets & Parts

Find Component Hardware Pre-Rinse Units & Repair Parts for restaurants & commercial kitchens. Fix your existing pre-rinse or replace it with Component Hardware commercial plumbing products.

  • Encore Swivel-Arm Pre-Rinses

    Encore Swivel-Arm Pre-Rinses swing left to right with a solid pipe connections instead of the classic bouncy spring style. Component Hardware Group also feature SaniGuard on every pre-rinse for protection against bacteria growth.
  • Encore Utility/Pot Filler Spray Assemblies

    Encore Utility/Pot Filler Spray Assemblies work well for cleaning, rinsing and filling pots and pans. Utility sprays also give the convenience of having a pre-rinse style sprayer without the bulky pre-rinse riser and spring.
  • Pre-Rinse Parts

    Find CHG Pre-Rinse Repair Parts to fix your current unit. We carry replacement hoses, spray heads, add-on faucets for Component Hardware SaniGuard products.
  • Standard Pre-Rinse Faucets

    Standard Overhead Spring Style Pre-Rinse Faucets by CHG feature Sani-Guard anti-microbial surface that fights bacteria growth. Component Hardware Group Pre-Rinse faucets are built for commercial kitchens in restaurants and bars.