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Encore Faucets Replacement Parts

Encore is a leader in the faucet and plumbing industry, known for its stylish, hygienic, durable and eco-friendly hardware. Itís no wonder that Encore plumbing products are a favorite in hospitals and homes alike. If your Encore faucet needs some maintenance, youíll find whatever you need here at We carry a collection of component hardware to get your Encore plumbing back up and running quickly, efficiently and without breaking the bank.

As a licensed distributor of CHG Encore faucet parts, we only carry brand-new, top-quality components. On this page, youíll find individual parts as well as a complete Encore Repair Kit that you can keep on hand to fix whatever problem may arise. Our goal at is to be the best source for faucets and parts online, making it easier than ever to fix your plumbing problems at amazingly low prices.

Order your CHG repair parts today. Our dedicated customer service team can promise fast, reliable shipping and products you will love.