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T&S Brass Pre-Rinse Parts

  • Wall Hooks

    Hook your pre-rinse sprayer to the wall with a T&S Brass hook.
  • Wall Brackets

    Get solid riser support with T&S Brass wall brackets for 3/8 riser pipe.
  • Spray Head Parts

    Fix your T&S Brass pre-rinse spray head with new parts. Repair kits include springs, spray faces, bumpers and or-rings.
  • Spray Heads

    T&S Brass spray valves are energy efficient, durable and extremely effective at rinsing dishes and cutting through grease. Life cycle tests show that T&S spray valves exceed 1 million cycles, six times longer than any other spray valve.
  • Add-On Tees

    T&S Brass Add-On Tees allow an additional water source to be added to almost any T&S Brass kitchen faucet including pre-rinses and wall mounted faucets.
  • Hoses

    T&S Brass replacement pre-rinse hoses are made of stainless steel and high quality rubber.
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T&S Brass - 000821-40 - Pre-Rinse Spring Body for connecting the pre-rinse hose to the riser pipe T&S Brass - 000821-40
List Price: $61.20
Our Price: $39.78
You save $21.42!
T&S Brass - 001121-45M - Spray Valve Sprayface (Qty. 12) T&S Brass - 001121-45M
List Price: $60.50
Our Price: $39.32
You save $21.18!
T&S Brass - 007861-45 - Rubber Bumper for Spray Valve T&S Brass - 007861-45
List Price: $3.20
Our Price: $2.08
You save $1.12!
T&S Brass - Advance Tabco - K-01 Knee and Foot Pedal Cartridge Advance Tabco - K-01
Our Price: $26.46
T&S Brass 018200-40 - Live Swivel For Pre-Rinse Spray Valves T&S Brass - 018200-40
List Price: $73.10
Our Price: $47.52
You save $25.58!