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The Symmons brand, "The Smart Choice," is synonymous with quality and long-lasting products, and the company is a well-known innovator in developing pressure-balancing valves for both shower and bathtub units. We offer the entire line of Symmons plumbing fixtures and parts at We have all the Symmons replacement faucet parts for your kitchen, bathroom or tub.

Symmons valves contain only solid brass or steel components. Because there's no plastic in any of the components, Symmons shower valves will last a lifetime. We carry all Symmons valves and repair parts available - Symmons Temptrol, Symmons Safetymix & a wide variety of Symmons cartridges. We also have an entire stock of Symmons thermostatic valves and shower parts, including a wide selection of metering / self closing faucets, and the trademarked Showeroff metering valves that are ideal for public and outdoor showering facilities.

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