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The Symmons brand, "The Smart Choice," is synonymous with quality and long-lasting products, and the company is a well-known innovator in developing pressure-balancing valves for both shower and bathtub units. We offer the entire line of Symmons plumbing fixtures and parts at ChicagoFaucetShoppe.com. We have all the Symmons replacement faucet parts for your kitchen, bathroom or tub.

Symmons valves contain only solid brass or steel components. Because there's no plastic in any of the components, Symmons shower valves will last a lifetime. We carry all Symmons valves and repair parts available - Symmons Temptrol, Symmons Safetymix & a wide variety of Symmons cartridges. We also have an entire stock of Symmons thermostatic valves and shower parts, including a wide selection of metering / self closing faucets, and the trademarked Showeroff metering valves that are ideal for public and outdoor showering facilities.

  • Parts, Components and Accessories

    Find Genuine Symmons® replacement parts for your faucet or shower valve. We have the complete selection of Symmons cartridges, handles, spindles, trim kits and more.
  • Symmons Faucets for Your Home

    Symmons delivers commercial quality tub and shower valves for your home. Symmons pressure balancing tub and shower faucets are newly designed with trims to fit-in with todays contemporary or traditional look. Save up to 40% on Symmons shower faucets.
  • Symmons Classic Catalog

    Find Symmons® original products that made them who they are today. Solid brass Temptrol and Safetymix pressure balancing valves by Symmons feature the worlds first pressure balancing cartridge designed by the best.
  • Metering Faucets

    Symmons® Metering and Self-Closing Faucets are great for public restrooms in schools, airports, gas stations and just about any commercial environment you can think of. Conserve water and energy, go Green with Symmons Metering faucets.
  • Kitchen Faucets

    Symmons pull-out kitchen faucets bring together exceptional style and functionality and are built to perform in the most demanding environments.
  • Lavatory Faucets

    Symmons® Bathroom Sink Faucets are made with the commercial and residential user in mind. Here you can find lavatory faucets for your home or commercial style for public places.
  • Thermostatic and Temperature Mixing Valves

    Symmons offers several Thermostatic and Temperature Mixing options for different purposes. Supply individual sink faucets or large shower systems with tempered water using a Symmons MaxLine, TempControl Valve or Thermixer.
  • Self Closing Shower Valves

    Symmons® ShowerOff™ Metering Valves are perfect for locker rooms, pool side rinse areas, outdoor showers and correctional facilities.
  • Diverters and Volume Controls

    Symmons® Diverters and Volume Controls for your shower system help control the flow of water from one function to another. Switch from hand shower to rain shower easily with Symmons diverter valves.
  • Sensor Faucets

    Symmons® UltraSense™ Electronic Sensor Faucets save water and energy by operating only when hands are placed under the infrared sensor. Electronic faucets are great for public restrooms in stadiums and schools.
  • Laundry-Mate Washing Machine Valves

    Symmons® LaundryMate™ Washing Machine Valves go hand in hand with your washing machine for water supply purposes.
  • Roman Tub Faucets

    Shop for Roman Tub Faucets by Symmons. All Symmons Roman Tub Faucets feature ceramic disc operating cartridges and are available with or without a side spray.
  • Trim Repair Kits

    Symmons Trim Repair Kits

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