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T&S Brass Low Lead Products You Can Trust - NSF
Last Updated: 09/30/2009

T&S Product You Can Trust - NSF

T&S plumbing fixtures and fittings have always conformed to National Science Foundation (NSF) standards for low lead. Products that pass these regulations already convey or dispense water featuring extremely low (trace) lead levels, more than safe enough for anyone to drink or cook with. California is leading the nation by going one step farther—through lowering lead content in the pipes, fixtures and fittings themselves. This extra step means that products that conform to AB1953 will continue to excel at water purity standards, but will also feature lower levels of lead in the composition of the parts themselves. The state of Vermont has similar legislation also effective January 1, 2010. Washington is in the process of enacting similar legislation, with others possible to follow their lead.

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