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Modifications for Symmons Valves and Faucets
Last Updated: 05/03/2010
Here is a chart of the many available options offered by Symmons for their shower and faucet products. Many of the options below will depend on the model's capabilities to be modified. The general modifications will appear on almost all Symmons shower valves.

Standard Modifications:

1.5 1.5 gpm (5.7 L/min) flow restrictor in Showerhead
2.0 2.0 gpm (7.6 L/min) flow restrictor in Showerhead
IPS 1/2" Female Threaded IPS Connections on Valve Body
X Service Stops Accessable shut-off valves buit into the shower body for easy future maintenance

Handle Modifications (If Applicable):

CRP Cross Handle
LAM Metal Finish Insert Handle
LR Lever Handle
LP Loop Handle
L Single Blade Lever
LPO White Porcelain Insert Handle
LWG Wrist Blade Handle

Showerhead Modifications (If Applicable):

PSH Pulsating Showerhead in place of Clear-Flo
231 Super Showerhead
141 Euro-Flow Single Mode Showehead
143 Euro-Flow Three Mode Showeread
145 Euro-Flow Five Mode Showerhead
15 Space Saving Spray Angle Head
PHS Pulsating Hand Shower in place of Stanard
E External Volulme Control on Showerhead

Other Modifications (If Applicable):

X-CHKS Integral Service/Check Stops
REV Reverser Coring, Hot on Right and Cold on Left
SS Slip On Tub Spout
B Solid Brass Escutcheon instead of Dyecast or Plastic
D Solid Brass Dome Cover instead of Dyecast or Plastic
WHS Adds Showerarm, Diverter Valve, Metal Hose, Hand Spray and Wall Hook
WHSR Same as WHS but with Vinyl Hose
QD Quick Disconnect on Hand Spray Units
R White Vinyl Hose Instead of Metal
BB Back Plate and Thru Bolts for extra thick walls up to 6"
A Anchor Plate to simplify mounting on ceramic tile
VB Elevated vacuum breake in place of in-line style
VP Vandal Resistat Escutcheon screws
B48 48" Adjustable Slide Bar instead of 30"
B30 30" Adjustable Slide Bar instead of Wall Hook
OP Remodel Cover Plate Instead of Standard Plate
RC Adds Remodel Cover Plate
3/4" Increase Size to 3/4 Valve instead of 1/2 Standard - 20% More Flow
X 3/4" 3/4" Service Stop Valve to increase flow by 20%
CX Integral Check Stops
W Heavy Wall Flange (SafteyMix Only)
WA Heavy Wall Flange with Ancor Plate (SafteyMix Only)
G Dial Thermometer
T Toe Tester in Plave of Tub Spout
BX Back Connection with Integral Stops (Exposed SafetyMix)
K Lever Diverter 4-458 in place or push button 4-451
NU NU-Arm head bracket in place of 300 arm and flange


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