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  • HansaCanyon

    Hansacanyon is pure design and technology excellence. Touch activated panels control the flow and temperature of water, and LED lights in the water flow indicate if the water is hot, cold or warm.
  • HansaMotion

    Just like from a mountain stream, Hansamotion interprets the water element as the source of vitality and power. With Hansamotion, experience a waterfall experience that until now has never been seen in bathrooms.
  • HansaMurano

    Hansamurano is a milestone in bathroom design. Chrome and glass create an entirely new and innovative water experience, making the Hansamurano a unique expression of modern bathroom culture.
  • HansaRonda

    Elegance and perfection unite in the Hansaronda Style. Two lever varieties provide for a diverse array of design possibilities. Both showcase the tried and proven Hansa technology and the very latest, state-of-the-art geometric design.
  • HansaStela

    Hansastela complements modern bathrooms with its softened architectural contours. It is ideal for pioneers of modern bathroom design and its technology is entirely quality-driven which has always been one of Hansa’s standards.