Sani-Guard FAQ
About SANIGUARD® Antimicrobial Product Protection

 About SANIGUARD® Antimicrobial Product Protection

SANIGUARD® antimicrobial product protection is a built-in antimicrobial treatment for metal and plastic products and coatings. When microbes come into contact with a treated product surface, SANIGUARD’s inorganic, silver ion technology actively inhibits their growth by hindering cell wall transmissions, disrupting cell metabolism, and interfering with cellular reproduction.  

SANIGUARD® coatings and additives are effective against most common bacteria, yeasts, molds, and fungi that cause stains, odors, and product deterioration. In addition, applying our SANIGUARD® treatment makes products easier to clean and keeps them cleaner and fresher between cleanings.  

Our SANIGUARD® treatment is based on antimicrobial Type AJ10D, which US EPA has registered for use in a variety of products and coatings (EPA Reg. No. 71227-1-72854).  The SANIGUARD® treatment may be applied as a powder coating to metal substrates or mixed with plastic resins for extruding and injection molding. As a result, our SANIGUARD® coatings and additives can be cost-effectively applied to many plumbing and hardware components.  

SANIGUARD® antimicrobial product protection is built in to products during the manufacturing process and will not wash off or wear away. Under normal cleaning conditions, the SANIGUARD® treatment will provide continuous antimicrobial product protection for the useful life of the product.  

SANIGUARD® antimicrobial product protection is designed to protect the product itself. It is not a disinfectant and does not protect users or others against food-borne or disease-causing microorganisms. Users should continue to maintain proper cleaning and hygienic practices. 

For more information about SANIGUARD® brand products, call us at 1-800-969-8625.

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