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Symmons Shower Valves

Symmons Shower Valves

  • Allura

    The Symmons Allura bathroom suite offers a transitional, comfortable design. All Symmons Allura faucet valves have a rounded look and feel makes it a natural fit with most bathroom interiors.
  • Ballina

    Symmons Ballina shower valves are sophisticated in design and blend perfectly with any style bathroom. Ballina shower valves are newer to the Symmons family and have already become a popular item to many homeowners.
  • Carrington

    The Symmons Carrington line has a traditional look with porcelain lever handle. Created to reflect a look of historical elegance and sophistication, the Symmons Carrington bathroom suite is an expression of intricate lines and delicate details.
  • Degas

    Symmons Degas shower valves are sophisticated with a simple, elegant design that allows for creative bathroom designing.
  • Dia

    Symmons Dia shower valves are intended for use in any bathroom style from residential to commercial. Modern, simple design will blend with most other manufacturers.
  • Winslet

    The Winslet series is an original look from Symmons that brings a nostalgic element to any transitional styled bathroom. From the curved handle to the curved shower arm, Winslet shower faucets are exquisite with design.
  • Naru

    Symmons Naru shower systems have the influence of modern technology that is suitable for any contemporary styled bathroom. Truly original, Symmons Naru is choice for bold bathroom designs.
  • Oxford

    Symmons Oxford shower faucets are traditional and will blend seamlessly with any classic bath design. Oxford shower valves are perfect for adding a traditional look to any contemporary setting.
  • Water Dance

    Symmons Water Dance give you a luxurious shower experience with four body sprays, hand held spray and overhead shower head. Water Dance is a 3/4 pressure balancing valve that comes with multiport diverter for use of all three shower functions.
  • Lucetta

    Symmons Lucetta shower systems are designed different than most other Symmons shower faucets. This unique shower system has a pressure balancing valve with push-pull style diverter.
  • Sereno

    Symmons Sereno series shower faucets have a contemporary design that is streamlined to achieve a modern bathroom feel. Simple construction allows the Sereno line to blend with similar designs from other manufacturers.
  • Deluxe Temptrol

    Find the Complete line of Symmons Deluxe Temptrol Tub and Shower Valves
  • Olde Braintree Brass

    Find the Complete line of Symmons Olde Braintree Brass Tub and Shower Valves
  • SafetyMix

    Find the Complete line of Symmons SafetyMix Tub and Shower Valves. Symmons SafetyMix has an extra durable design intended for use in institutions, hospitals, prisons and public facilities.
  • Temptrol

    Find the Complete line of Symmons Temptrol Tub and Shower Valves. Symmons Temptrol is the most reliable shower valve on the market with a solid brass body and pressure balancing cartridge.
  • Temptrol II

    Find the Complete line of Symmons Temptrol II Tub and Shower Valves