American Standard Genuine Replacement Toilet Models and Tank Reference Guide
Toilet models and tank guide for your convenience!

Complete Toilet Models:

American Standard complete toilet model numbers begin with a "2" or a "3" and are usually four digits longs (ex: 2000, 2023, 2018). The four digit numbers may include color codes or toilet style codes as a suffix, the tanks usually are consistent for similar model numbers. For example, 2813.079 and 2813.075 use the same tank. Most one-piece toilets will have a stamp of the "2xxx" number under the lid or inside the tank. For all two-piece toilets, or tanks beginning with the number "4", please see the chart below for cross referencing.


Tank Reference Chart:

This chart is for all American Standard two piece toilets. American Standard two-piece toilets have tank models that begin with the number "4", and are usually four digits long. Similar tank numbers with different suffix extensions will use the same parts.