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Geberit In-Wall Carrier System

The Geberit Concealed Tank and Carrier System allows unique design by taking the toilet off the floor. Water saving, dual-flush technology and in-wall installation offers a clean and simple look and low water consumption.

Installation of the In-Wall carrier involves bolting the carrier to the
floor, placing it within the studwork, and then bolting it to studs -
only four connections in all. Toilet carriers have been tested to
withstand a maximum load of 880 lbs. In addition, the actuators plates
are removable for maintenance access to the concealed tank and flushing

Frames come complete with all the necessary parts to the wall and floor and to make the plumbing and drainage connections.

  • Floor Mounted Toilet

    Geberit Floor Mounted Toilet Flush Valves are concealed in the wall and support dual-flush function for water saving.
  • Wall-Hung Bidets

    Geberit Wall-Hung Bidets, European luxury is brought into the heart of your home with the Geberit bidet system. The behind-the-wall system gives you more space to maneuver and allows for the inclusion of luxury where you want it most.
  • Wall-Hung Urinals

    Geberit - Wall-Hung Urinals. What’s behind the wall is the appeal of the system. The Geberit urinal system allows total flexibility in your design options. Real water savings are realized with the 0.5 GPF (1.9 LPF) Geberit urinal system.
  • Wall-Hung Washbasins

    Geberit - Wall-Hung Washbasins. Rejuvenate the bathroom with unlimited possibilities when completing the space with a wall-hung lavatory. By suspending from the wall, the Geberit lavatory system minimizes sink footprint.
  • Wall-Hung Washdown Toilets

    Geberit - Wall-Hung Washdown Toilets. With the Geberit concealed tank and carrier system, the bathroom is no longer confined. By taking the toilet off the floor, the space becomes open to the possibilities.